Summer Camps

Desert Palm

Desert Palm Summer Camps

  • Any week from 20th June 2015 to 5th Sept 2015
  • Sunday to Thursday either AM/PM
  • 7 AM -9 AM OR 4:30 PM –6:30 PM Children and Adult Camps.
  • One Hour Stable Management with DP Instructors.
  • DHS 200 per day or 750 Per week ( limited Daily Slots ) ponyesassigned to each child/adult.
  • All Stable management is run under the same structure as our certificates SM courses. 
  • BHS Bronze/Silver and Gold Award Scheme
  • Are you a competition kids parent? Would you like to help on those competition days and get some basic knowledge? Then also book yourself on one of the adult stable management courses through the office. All DP polocoesapply i.e. cancelation policy and booking procedures.
  • Call ( 050-4517773 ) or click here to get more information. 
  • Or email



19 February 2016

Spinneys Cup ODE

26 February 2016