Vision & Mision

Vision & Mision

Desert Palm Riding School was established in the year 2000 with a nucleus of 20 ponies. Now 15 years on some of those ponies/horses are still with us with additional ponies/horses added over the years to now compliment the 47 available.

Mr Ali Al Bwardy and his families vision has always been about harmony and community at Desert Palm and this is reflected in everything we do at Desert Palm from catering to many different types of liveries to the varied riding school clients and creating opportunities for all both school and private owners to compete and develop the Equestrian sport as a whole. Healthy living, providing the perfect equine community for the animals as well as the owners is our mission. The vision is to ever expand everything equine and offer the best service possible to all regardless of ability.



19 February 2016

Spinneys Cup ODE

26 February 2016